written by Di.Mon

Our company, Envisionext Inc. recently participated in the Job Fair at the Polytechnic Institute of Odessa.

Our stand was without a doubt one of the most memorable. A lot of thought went into the design, which not only boasted ample color but was also extremely informative.

Numerous employees, including project managers, department heads, leading programmers and designers, represented us. Thanks to the flat screen TVs that played informative clips about Envisionext and what we do our stand attracted a huge flow of interested visitors. We also had laptops placed strategically around the stand inviting people to get acquainted with our products.

We held two competitions during the fair, which caused quite a buzz among the visitors, especially the winners who received a prize!  It would seem we made quite the impression. The letter we received two days into the fair put a smile on everyone’s face. Here is a snippet:

“Having visited “The Job Fair” at the Cultural House of the Polytechnic Institute on December13th I can assure you that Envisionext Inc. generated the biggest interest of the whole fair. To answer the question of why, the answer is simple and clear enough – as the brightest and the most expressive there, you gentlemen were a magnet for like-minded individuals with a passion for creativity. Everyone, including me, was drawn to you and your stand like bees to honey.”

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written by Di.Mon

We are happy to announce that we have just finished working on a great online store. We were hired to re-design KrausUsa.com to give the website a more modern look. The site will go live shortly sporting an ultra modern look complete with flash presentation. KrausUsa.com also had us integrate their new design for their online store with enCommerce, our in-house custom written e-commerce software, allowing their site to feature a shopping cart.

With enCommerce you can create and operate e-stores of any caliber: from simple stores with very few products to complex stores with a large inventory of products to sell. Its reliability and convenience makes enCommerce the only e-commerce solution you need!  Thanks to the well-organized html structure created by our webmasters, the user experience has improved ten-fold. With everything at his fingertips, the buyer can navigate through the site quickly and with ease all the while enjoying the numerous new options and features enCommerce has to offer.

We are confident that our new makeover of KrausUsa.com will attract more buyers to the site. KrausUsa had one core mission when starting the project: to bring only the best to their clients. It is for this reason they didn’t hesitate to choose enCommerce and Envisionext, as we provide and deliver nothing but the very best.

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Store Products

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written by miguel

HHH action is Russia

The on-line comic series Heroes Happen {Here}, sponsored by Microsoft and Seagate, has come to Russia with its amazing storyline.

The Russian run is sketched by Mikhail “Miguel” Ivanov, who is currently working as an Art-Director and Illustrator for Envisionext Inc.

Follow the story and check out Miguel’s artwork for the HHH project at official HHH Blog.

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written by Dmitry Utkin

Here is a main page preview of the upcoming Envisionext.com, version 2.0.

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